Media Highlights 2022 (January to June)

Published 30 June 2022

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Cultural signalling, round two!

This is me listing things I enjoyed reading / hearing / watching from the first half of 2022. Here are my highlights for all of 2021.

Ordering remains arbitrary. Let me know if you find something from this list that you end up enjoying.


I keep track of what I read on Goodreads.

The books I’d most recommend to my imagined modal reader are The most important century and Talent.


I log most things on I also have a Spotify with some playlists.

The albums I’d most recommend to my imagined modal reader are Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You, Kiwanuka, Curtis, and 98.12.28 男達の別れ (98.12.28 Otokotachi no Wakare).

Other things

Podcasts, films, TV, videos, shorter writing.

If you’re interested in using your career to work on very important problems, you should listen to the 80,000 Hours Podcast if you don’t already.

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