Liv Boeree

December 2020

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In 2020 and early 2021, I helped Liv Boeree with planning, editing, research, and animations for her videos. Here are some videos I worked on:

Liv is a science communicator and former professional poker player.

Now retired from pro poker, Liv now gives talks and makes videos for her YouTube channel, explaining ideas in science, futurism, and effective altruism.

In her previous life, she is a World Series of Poker and European Poker Tour champion, and the only female player in history to win both a WSOP bracelet and an EPT event. In 2014, she co-founded Raising for Effective Giving, an organisation that encourages poker players to donate to effective charities, and provides resources to that end. As of July 2020, Raising for Effective Giving has raised over $14,000,000 for its supported charities.