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Amplify creative grants is a grants program I set up with Luca Righetti and Toby Tremlett aimed at supporting podcasts and other creative media projects that spread ideas to help humanity navigate this century.

Here’s an excerpt from the original announcement:

We’re interested in applications that look to cover topics related to (i) reducing existential risk, (ii) helping fix pressing global problems, and (iii) putting humanity on a positive long-term trajectory. More details on all three below.

We want to amplify ideas associated with effective altruism and longtermism, but you don’t need to be actively engaged with effective altruism to apply.

We’re excited to support projects (new and existing) in English and other languages — sharing important ideas with new, global, audiences.

Theories of change we had in mind:

The project was originally funded by the FTX Future Fund, shortly before FTX collapsed. Collectively, we chose not to use the money. As I write, it is unclear whether the program will go ahead, since this will depend on find an alternative source of funding. If things do go ahead, it might be on a smaller scale than we originally imagined. I will update this page when things are clearer.

In any event: we were highly impressed with the number and quality of applications, and selected around a dozen projects we were especially excited about. They included:

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