Fleet Foxes: Crack Up review

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With a string of consistently gorgeous albums, Seattle’s Fleet Foxes introduced their now-familiar cavernous, reverb-y folk sound to the world almost a decade ago- and rightfully cemented their status as an indie mainstay. 2011’s ‘Helplessness Blues’ was an epic listen: both vast and focused, sonically dramatic yet lyrically thoughtful: Fleet Foxes were surely here to stay. And then, just as fans and critics were desperate to hear more, they fell silent. Continue…

Another Philosophy Essay!

Following from my success in the Sheffield University essay competition, I’m pleased to say I have also won the St Peter’s College Oxford ‘Edgar Jones’ Essay Competition, with an essay titled, ‘Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?’. Thank you very much to the judges! You can read it here.

Sheffield Philosophy Prize Winner!

I recently entered the annual Sheffield Philosophy Essay Prize competition, and I am happy to say that I won first prize! Thank you very much to the organisers and judges, I’m delighted with the result. The title of the essay was, ‘Given the progress of physics, does philosophy still have a role in telling us about the fundamental nature of reality?’, and you can find it here.

Kenya 2015

Over summer, I traveled to Kenya with my school. The trip was organised by a charity called Moving Mountains. We stayed at a partner school, teaching lessons and helping to construct a new building, before embarking on safaris and visiting a number of nurseries, orphanages and clinics. Continue…